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About That Time Of Year

Another one of the ill-fated accepted students for the class of two-thousand... what, ten? Yeah, ten. Except not really ill-fated, because from what I saw, Whittier looks mightily cool and not at all ill-fating.

Still. How's... uh, everything, really? Like the rooming. Are the dorms nice? Do they actually read those little sheets they send saying "Hey, What Are You Like So We Might Pair You With Someone You Won't Totally Loathe"? Am I going to die? Be honest, doc, I can take it.

Wow I sound a whole lot less nervous and a whole lot more catty than I feel right now. Hm. This is going to sound incredibly goofy to most/all people, but is there any Dance Dance Revolution going down on campus, or am I going to have to finaggle a way to play my game?
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i don't know about ddr, but i wouldn't doubt it. And NO they don't read those sheets. They want you to think they do though. Don't worry though. After 2 weeks of living with someone, if you don't like them, you can change. I did.
The girl that lives next to me is actually a huge DDR fan and is trying to get a group together. :D

As for the dorm sheets, my current roommate and I ended up together because she and hers hated each other so much and mine had to leave school after the first two months. Then again, no one else on my floor had a problem, so it could end up fine, too. It's a toss-up, really, but like the guy above me said, you can change after two weeks or you can change after the first semester so it's not always a huge deal.
The rooming is nice if you get to be on Turner, Wardmen, and Ball. The sheets help. One time I got a room unto myself for the entire freshman year.
I play DDR...on standard. Of course, being in Wardman makes it rather difficult to actually play during normal living hours. THANX WSP.
"How's... uh, everything, really?"

Terrible. At least during the summer. :)

"Are the dorms nice?"

Unless you're in Harris or Turner... no. Most decidedly not. It helps to find a way off campus as soon as possible. From what I hear, the woman who runs residential life does not like gay people. So if you are gay or want to fake it, you're gold. :)

"Do they actually read those little sheets..."

Briefly, yes. I wrote down music and the genres of music I was interested in, and I was paired with someone who absolutely abhorred all the music I liked. They paired us because he was also interested in "music". This is minor, really, as he and I got along pretty well regardless.

"Am I going to die?"

Someday. Every day should be a good day to die.

"but is there any Dance Dance Revolution going down on campus"

Being the Oldest Mothertrucker On Campus (haha), I'm so disconnected from culture that I don't know much about DDR. That's the dancing game that they have in arcades, yeah? If so, there's one at the movie theatre in Uptown. :)
Well... So long as there's running water somewhere and a bed somewhat better than boards, the dorms shouldn't kill me. Hopefully.

And yeah, I figured that they didn't read all the life stories of people so dormmates aren't going to be twins or anything...

And DDR is indeed the dancing game. So good, yay, solid, etc.
i love that bad i suck at it. maybe its because i choose all the fast japanese songs..getting a little ahead of myself..i guess next time i should stick with "YMCA"
I'm not very good at it either... but YMCA will always be one of my favorites :D