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What Should I Bring?

So, today I visited my friend who works at the Gottshalks over at Country Plaza (that's near Watt and El Camino, for you non-Sacramentans, but if you don't live here, and you don't even know those two streets). Anywho, I got a really great deal on this purple suitcase (squee, my favorite color!), and I'm wondering now what I should bring when I come to Whittier in the fall.

Bear in mind that I don't have many clothes, or much of anything. My furniture is shitty, falling apart and with gaping holes. (I am pretty poor). And anyway, I've decided only to bring what I cannot stand to let out of my sight, but I wanted to know what your suggestion list would look like, so I know what else to get to be prepared, as far as what kind of clothes, toiletries, do they even have bookcases in the dorms? (I only have about a shelf and a half worth, not including my CDs).

Oh! Also, I got my catalog (of courses), and I'm getting really excited! I'm mostly sure of the classes I'm gonna take, 'cause I already know a few that I *have* to take (French and prolly the Freshman writin course), and I definitely wanna start on a Music class, and prolly something math or science oriented. I'm not that good at Math, so what can you guys tell me about placement tests? Are there remedial courses you have to take?
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