andyleggett (andyleggett) wrote in whittiercollege,

Random Posts Brought to You By Leggett, Inc.

 So, the other night I saw "Rebel Without a Cause" in the Stauffer lounge, and I was just about the only freshman who had ever heard of the movie or even of James Dean. o.0

It's so ironic, because I previously posted on here that I wasn't even sure who he was, but I certainly had more of a clue than these dweebs.

By and by: I had no idea he was so frickin' *beautiful*. I wanted to have his babies. Seriously? Seriously.


Anywho, I keep on hearing from people that I am apparently becoming famous on campus. Is this true? Why don't more people I don't know come up to me and are like...whoa. Not whoa, but...y'know what I mean? No? Neither do I...XD
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