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About That Time Of Year

Another one of the ill-fated accepted students for the class of two-thousand... what, ten? Yeah, ten. Except not really ill-fated, because from what I saw, Whittier looks mightily cool and not at all ill-fating.

Still. How's... uh, everything, really? Like the rooming. Are the dorms nice? Do they actually read those little sheets they send saying "Hey, What Are You Like So We Might Pair You With Someone You Won't Totally Loathe"? Am I going to die? Be honest, doc, I can take it.

Wow I sound a whole lot less nervous and a whole lot more catty than I feel right now. Hm. This is going to sound incredibly goofy to most/all people, but is there any Dance Dance Revolution going down on campus, or am I going to have to finaggle a way to play my game?
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