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Potential transfer, lots of questions

Hi, I'm Devra.

I'm a junior at Bennington College in Vermont, I'm about to withdraw + transfer. Right now I'm thinking Whittier's my first choice- I'm a social work major and my dream's to found a non-profit arts program for kids in foster care. Bennington has a similar system of creating your own education, written evaluations, etc., and we have less than 800 students, so the real shock for me will be moving across the country. And being nice and warm.

Are you guys glad you chose Whittier? Are any of you guys social work majors? What's the social scene like (for the most part, obviously there's not just one answer)? Is it easy to travel if you don't drive? Are the professors enthusiastic? Is the course-load manageable?

Basically anything I won't learn from a brochure would be wonderful. Thanks. :)
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I'm not sure I can tell you about the academics, as I'm an English major and therefore I don't pay attention to anything other than Deihl Hall if I can help it XD

The social scene is... low key. Seriously, if you're big on hanging out with people a lot, you're probably going to get bored really fast for the first month or so of life here. You have to really put yourself out there for people to talk to you (in my opinion). There aren't many parties on campus, either, from what I know.
Well, I'm not really a party girl but I think I'd die without a lot of friends. Is it that everyone's always studying? I imagine it'll be harder to make friends as a transfer than as a freshman, so... that was some bad news.
Thanks for answering though. :)
I went to whittier college and graduated in 2003- when I was there everyone was very friendly and social, but I've heard that the rise of online gaming and many other individual forms of entertainment (like livejournal, myspace, facebook) has made some people less socially outgoing. I know though from friends of mine who are students now that there still are a lot of friendly, outgoing people- it just might take a bit longer now to find where you fit in. I would suggest, if you do come to Whittier, joining some clubs, sports, choir- wherever your interests are. That's really one of the best ways to make friends, in my opinion- I imagine that probably hasn't changed much in the past few years.
Professors at Whittier are awesome- I know a lot of the same ones are still there now. They are very enthusiastic, and really get to know their students. In fact, I see some of my professors when I'm around on campus now, and they *still* remember me, which I think is pretty neat.
Can't tell you much about the social work major though- at least when I was there it was a very small program, I only ever knew one or two people that were social work majors. The design-your-own-major program is also a fairly small group of students (it's called the Whittier Scholars Program). It might be tough to get into as a transfer student, because they start you with WSP classes your sophomore year, and require an educational design to be submitted at the end of sophomore year. You could always ask though, maybe they would cut out some of the steps for a transfer student. It's a lot of hoops to jump through though- I went through WSP (art education major) and I was about ready to tear my hair out by the end of it! haha But I am working as an art teacher now, so I guess that says something for it. (by the way, let me know if you ever do get that non-profit started, especially if it is in this area- I'd love to help out/volunteer with it!)
It's not really that everyone's studying, it's just (again, in my opinion) that everyone's kind of closed off at first. It's not hard to make friends if you put yourself out there and introduce yourself to people who look potentially fun to hang out with, though; you just need to be really proactive about it. I know a few transfer students, and they've only got it a little harder, since they didn't come in with a group of kids they were forced to interact with. I think transfer students might have to go through orientation though, anyway, so that might be a bonus.
Hey, this is interesting.

Bennington and Whittier are two of my top choices. Could you tell me why you're transferring from one to another?
Go for Whittier.