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Potential transfer, lots of questions

Hi, I'm Devra.

I'm a junior at Bennington College in Vermont, I'm about to withdraw + transfer. Right now I'm thinking Whittier's my first choice- I'm a social work major and my dream's to found a non-profit arts program for kids in foster care. Bennington has a similar system of creating your own education, written evaluations, etc., and we have less than 800 students, so the real shock for me will be moving across the country. And being nice and warm.

Are you guys glad you chose Whittier? Are any of you guys social work majors? What's the social scene like (for the most part, obviously there's not just one answer)? Is it easy to travel if you don't drive? Are the professors enthusiastic? Is the course-load manageable?

Basically anything I won't learn from a brochure would be wonderful. Thanks. :)
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